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Venture Capital

Investing in African Tech Startups

Lex Capital invests in early-stage Next-Generation businesses and Startups from Africa.

Our story

We support high-potential, early stage tech businesses and startups building Africa's next-generation infrastructure using technology.


We help you turn your innovative ideas into reality

We will invest $50-500k in seed/early stage African startups and support their growth. Together with local entrepreneurs, we will create sustainable businesses that will become the foundation of the African economy.

We invest our capital, time, intellectual resources, and global networks into leading B2B and B2B2C early-stage (pre-Series A), technology-driven startups with strong management teams and scalable solutions.

What we do

We invest in, leveraging our extensive collective expertise to grow and add value to our portfolio companies.

Access to Funding

We provide access to the optimal amount of funding required to rapidly scale the business.

Technical Support

We have a powerful network of domain experts, professionals and enablers sharing your goal to grow your business quickly and sustainably.

Governance Structure

We help implement acorporate governance framework to ensure your business is sustainable.

Financial Planning

We paint a picture of your business with numbers. We custom build tools to help you make profitable business decisions.

Let's Work Together!

We have opportunities for everyone! We will continue to back bold ideas and business models that harness the power of technology.

Tech Startups and Companies
Small and Medium Businesses
Angel Investors and VC

What our Investors are saying

We believe talent and opportunities are uniformly distributed across the Continent and we support entrepreneurs across all sectors.

— Portfolio COMPANIES

News and Publications

We are driven by curiosity and love to ask questions... here, we share some of the answers.

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